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The common way to make the dream of owning your own vehicle possible is by car loan. The special financing for cars is carried by practically every bank in its portfolio. But not all offers are equally good. If you are looking for a suitable offer, you should put great emphasis on the fact that it is a car loan without a processing fee. Further editorial at

What exactly does car loan without a processing fee mean?

What exactly does car loan without a processing fee mean?

A car loan without a processing fee is the name of a loan model that contains two essential elements: the car loan and the processing fee. The car loan is a special-purpose loan, the terms of which are specifically designed to enable the borrower to buy their own vehicle as cheaply as possible. This means that you can only use it to buy the vehicle, some banks even let the vehicle registration document be deposited until the loan has been repaid in full.

But the car loan without a processing fee also includes the processing fee. This term generally refers to funds that banks collect in order to provide services that are necessary around the loan, such as opening a suitable account for the loan, printing bank statements or carrying out the special repayment. Their existence is even prescribed by law.

In most cases, a processing fee, which is an impressive two to three percent of the loan amount, is due primarily when the loan is taken out. The fact that there is a processing fee at all is not the case everywhere. It should not be forgotten that banks also take interest on the loan they take in as a profit. Some banks say they can easily refinance processing costs through interest rates, while other financial institutions take a different stance on this.

How do you find the perfect car loan without a processing fee?

How do you find the perfect car loan without a processing fee?

The internet makes it much easier to find a suitable car loan without a processing fee. Today there are many independent loan comparisons that compare, for example, instant loans, loans for pensioners and, of course, car loans. This way you can quickly get a comprehensive list of possible loans for the new vehicle. These independent loan comparisons list some of the characteristics of the loan.

Of course, this also includes the question of whether it is a loan with or without a processing fee. So you can make a suitable pre-selection from the possible loan offers. With the list now reduced, you go to the websites of the respective providers and inform yourself exactly about the loan. If you agree to the terms mentioned there, you are still looking for experience reports on this loan. If these votes are also positive, you can take out the loan almost without hesitation and be sure that you have exactly the loan for the new car that you were really looking for.

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Tools to perform collection; payday loan tips Wed, 06 May 2020 04:40:12 +0000

This week, we have separated articles and news that are very interesting for professionals in the Billing and payday loan segments, and a bonus: how to use email correctly.


What are the indispensable tools to charge?

payroll loan

Do you know which tools in the collection sector can make your job easier and, in addition, increase productivity? Below, we separate the main ones.

In addition to reducing operating costs, by using the right tools for your business, you will be even more efficient in the collection process.

But, before choosing which tool to use to charge, understand the current scenario of your company. Try to analyze internally what is the company’s greatest need. It is also important to measure costs.


Main collection tools

If you are a professional in the field, you will certainly know one or another tool that we will present, but with the advancement of technology, new products have emerged to make the life of the collection analyst even easier. Check-out:

  • IVR
  • Dialers
  • SMS

Below, we have separated a recent information, from March 2019, about the situation of indebted people in our country.

According to data presented in the report, the number of defaulters who settled their debts grew 11.6% in Brazil in 2018. The 13th salary and end-of-year bonuses were largely responsible for this evolution presented in the settlement of debts.

Despite the improvement in debt settlement, the country still has a high volume of defaulters: there are about 60 million indebted Brazilians, that is, a quarter of the population.


Tips for Selling More payday loans

Tips for Selling More Payroll Loans

payday loan is a type of personal credit that is deducted directly from the worker’s payroll.

Although it was released to workers with active FGTS (learn more about it in the link below), it is the pensioners, retirees, civil servants and professionals who work in companies affiliated with financial institutions that most request the credit.

It is always important to emphasize that when selling a payday loan, the worker’s income cannot be compromised by more than 30%.


Email: Good practices for sending and communicating

credit loans

Everyone knows that email is a powerful communication tool for companies. But there is no point in having a defined strategy if you do not use email correctly.

  • Mobile: the first tip is to write a text also thinking about the audience that will read your message by cell phone. People are consuming more and more information on mobile and your company needs to pay attention to that.

    In other words, in addition to having to arouse the interest of the customer, getting the message right, it is important, for example, that your title does not exceed 34 characters.

    Otherwise, the recipient will not be able to read your message completely, considering that this is the limit for a title on mobile.

  • Validate your email: Another very important point when planning your email communication is to validate your contact base. It’s no use having a right message for the wrong people, understand?

To have access to all the tips, click here and watch the video of best practices for sending and communicating by email!

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Apply for Eil Credit in a bank now! Fri, 01 May 2020 07:22:38 +0000


Whenever things have to go really fast, you simply don’t have the nerve to wait long for a loan. You need to apply for a rush credit. In some places, these are also referred to as lightning or instant loans. Since you are pressed for time, you cannot afford to make mistakes when applying. And this is exactly what we would like to help you with this text. We want to show you exactly what you need and what you should definitely think about so that you can apply for your instant loan smoothly.

Apply for express credit: These documents are always needed

Apply for express credit: These documents are always needed

In principle, you can apply for your express credit both online and in the bank branch you trust. The documents that you must have ready for this appointment are always identical:
– The bank’s or donor’s application form (if you take the loan from a credit institution, credit intermediary or private individual). As a rule, you should be able to find that online easily
– Your employment contract – if you are self-employed, you can also bring a current business evaluation with you. However, make sure that many express loans are unfortunately not given to self-employed and freelancers
– Current proof of salary: You should submit at least the last three payslips, the past six are better
– Current bank statements from all your accounts: The same applies here as for the proof of salary: Submit at least the statements of the last three months, better those of the last six
– A current Credit Bureau self-assessment (which ideally has strong scoring)
– An accurate statement of your monthly income and expenses or other expenses (e.g. savings reserves), which shows that your creditworthiness is sufficient to repay the loan. Please note that this information is checked on the basis of your other information
– Some banks also want to see the last or even the last two income tax returns. While this is very rare, keep it handy when you apply for a rush credit.

Apply for express credit: pitfalls with the online variant

Apply for express credit: pitfalls with the online variant

When you apply for your express credit online, there are some pitfalls that don’t exist when you are at the local branch. Examples include:
– How are the documents submitted?
– How do you authenticate yourself to the bank?
– Do you need an account with the bank?
– With a rush cash advance: how do you get the money?

As a rule, you can submit the documents in digitized form. Authentication can take place via a webcam or a cooperation partner of the bank (for example, Post Ident procedure). For the other questions, the answers differ significantly depending on the financial institution. Clarify in advance.

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Credit card numbers – an interesting field Thu, 16 Apr 2020 08:11:42 +0000

Everyone knows the credit card number on the front of the credit card. There is also the credit card check digit on the back, which is also known as the security code. You can find out what this is all about and what there is to discover about credit cards here. an elucidation on

The credit card number generator

The credit card number generator

Have you ever heard of a credit card collection generator? This may sound strange at first but is particularly interesting for people who want to experiment a little with card numbers without using real data. There are now several ways to pay with credit card security.

But that does not mean that there are still no opportunities for improvement here. With the help of an online generator, it is possible to put together credit card numbers that are similar in structure to the real cards. However, these are not real card numbers. In principle, such a generator is one thing above all: an amusing toy.

When using, you can select the type of credit card for which a number should be generated. Is it a VISA or is it an American Express? The number can then be generated with a simple click. The good thing about the generator is that different credit card numbers can be created here, but they cannot be used. Because to be able to shop online with a credit card, you need significantly more than a credit card number. The validity and the check digit are also queried here. The generator makes it easy to create many different fictitious credit card numbers.

Such a generator is particularly interesting if you are generally interested in the structure of the card number or are perhaps even looking to make the credit card even more secure. You may also simply want to create sample numbers that you can include on your website. Of course, if you’re lucky, you can just string a few numbers together. However, the generator is based on the correct structure of the credit card of the respective issuer.

The structure of the credit card number


The structure of the card is definitely interesting for everyone who decides on the card number for the credit card. Contrary to what it may seem, the credit card number is not an arbitrary number, but a code that contains important information.

The number of the card type can be taken, as can the issuer of the card, the check digit and the account number of the credit card account. The composition of the credit card number works according to a scheme:

  1. The first four digits indicate the issuer of the credit card.
  2. The 5th digit on the credit card indicates what type of card it is.
  3. The 6th digit indicates whether a normal credit card, a partner card, a company card or perhaps a second card is available.
  4. This is followed by nine more digits. This is the account number of the credit card account.
  5. The last number of the credit card number is the check digit. With this number, it is possible to check whether the credit card number is correct in this version.

Good to know: Not all credit cards have a number of the same length. This may vary depending on the credit card manufacturer or issuer.

For example, there is the American Express with 15 digits, the VISA with 13 digits or the MasterCard with 16 digits. So if you want to know how the credit card number is composed, you have to look at the issuer.

Can check your own credit card number


Have you always wanted to know whether your credit card number is actually correct? Of course, you can go to the trouble and use a complicated formula. However, it is better if you simply use a practical examiner. An algorithm is required to carry out the test. Of course, you can simply enter the card number in the examiner and carry out the test. Perhaps you would also like to understand what exactly is behind the algorithm.

The Luhn algorithm is used, which is used for the test. It’s not that difficult to understand how this works:

  1. The credit card number is checked from the second digit from behind. Every second digit is then doubled in value.
  2. Now the cross sums of the individual numbers are taken. It is important to know that the cross-sum must be formed again for double-digit numbers.
  3. Now it comes to the calculation of module 10. This is probably the most difficult part for people who have had nothing to do with it before. At this point the next smaller multiple is calculated, which can be seen for the cross sum of 10.
  4. Now the last part is due. Now the modulo 10 is finally subtracted from the number 10. If the credit card number is correct, the result is now the check digit.

The credit card number can also be calculated yourself, which does not necessarily require an auditor. However, it is much easier and faster to test the accuracy of the credit card number through the verifier. In any case, it is an interesting way to deal with your own credit card number.

Why should I check my credit card number? If your credit card works well with every payment, you don’t actually need to check it. But it can also be simply interesting to carry out the check based on the algorithm and thus learn more about how the credit card works.

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How to use the mortgage loan installment calculator? Thu, 09 Apr 2020 08:34:15 +0000

A mortgage is taken when buying a flat or a house, or when building, reconstructing and renovating various types of residential properties.

When taking such a loan, every customer would like to know how much they will have to pay a monthly installment for such a loan. The mortgage installment calculator will help you calculate it. Let’s check how this calculator works.

Principle of the mortgage installment calculator

Principle of the mortgage installment calculator

When taking out a mortgage, each bank will check the creditworthiness of the client before issuing a binding credit decision. This ability is interpreted as the possibility of paying off mortgage installments together with interest and other payments on agreed monthly dates.

Before applying for a loan at a selected bank, the client should check for himself whether he has any chance of obtaining it. He can check whether he will be able to repay the capital and interest installment of the mortgage based on his current income, which he receives every month.

You can easily get information on how much a high mortgage installment you will have to pay back online. To do this, use the mortgage installment calculator. It’s an easy-to-use tool that brings us the information you want.

In the mortgage calculator, you only need to provide:

  • the amount of the mortgage,
  • loan repayment period,
  • loan interest rate.

After clicking the “calculate loan installment” button, the online calculator user immediately receives a reply in the form of the mortgage installment amount. Two values ​​are shown here:

  • installment amount equal,
  • amount of decreasing installments.

In the case of decreasing installments and mortgage repayment in this way, the result of the calculations of the online mortgage calculator is the value of the installment. Everything results from the specifics of loan repayment in equal and decreasing installments during the loan period.

Mortgage repayment system – equal and decreasing installments


The vast majority of banks in Poland when granting mortgage loans give customers the right to choose whether they will pay back the loan in equal or decreasing installments.

Equal installments have the fact that their amount is virtually the same throughout the loan period. Fluctuations in the amount of installments can only result from a change in the mortgage interest rate if we are dealing with a loan with a variable interest rate.

A characteristic feature of equal installments is that in the first loan period they are several percent lower than decreasing installments, which is caused by the difference in the amount of capital repaid.

In equal installments, the borrower repays the capital part more slowly. The same amount of interest is the same for both types of installments. An equal installment, also known as an annuity installment, has a relatively equal value each month throughout the loan repayment period.

The installment itself is higher than the equal installment


Decreasing installments, as the name suggests, decrease as the loan is repaid. Their capital part is always the same, but the interest is higher at the beginning, which means that the installment itself is higher than the equal installment.

If the borrower decides on installments decreasing when paying off the mortgage, he must have a higher creditworthiness than if the same loan were repaid in the equal installments system. So it may turn out that the bank will refuse to grant a loan in this case.

The mortgage installment calculator will indicate what the probable capital and interest installment of the loan will be, but it does not include commissions or insurance premiums. Such components of the cost of lending increase the amount of the mortgage installment.

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A quick loan for everyone? Even eighteen-year-olds will get cash! Thu, 02 Apr 2020 08:11:53 +0000 Higher financial commitments can be made by anyone who has reached the age of eighteen (unless he / she is not incapacitated).

Despite this, banks are quite skeptical about the youngest borrowers

credit money loan cash

Such people can more easily borrow cash from one of the non-banking companies. Young people prefer to do things over the internet.

On the domestic market, we can find several well-known loan companies that pay cash without leaving home and accept applications from people between 18 and 20 years old. These clients can sometimes receive up to USD 1,500, 2,000 USD or 2,500 USD free loan.

Several companies borrow funds for free and will not check the client’s income

Several companies borrow funds for free and will not check the client

After analyzing the loan market offer, it turns out that companies with a minimum age limit of 18 – 20 years old are not uncommon. Among these lenders you can find several companies / brands that regularly appear in Juliet rankings. (see the following table).

As for the companies presented below, Super Lend and Money Lend have the lowest age limit (18 years). These lenders offer a completely free “moment” for new customers (Super Lend up to USD 1,000 for 30 days, Money Lend up to USD 1,000 for 61 days). Super Lend additionally provides for the repayment of larger amounts (USD 1,000 – USD 4,000) in monthly installments (up to thirty).

The offer of Vibe Lend and Credit Lend also deserves special attention. These lenders have set the client’s minimum age of 20, but offer higher limits for a free “wait” (Credit Lend – 2,000 USD, Vibe Lend – 2,500 USD). It should be noted that Vibe Lend and Credit Lend, like Super Lend, do not require documents confirming the income of a young customer. Vibe Lend – the amount of the first (free) loan from USD 100 to USD 2,500. The maximum amount of the second loan is USD 2,600.

The maximum amount of the third and fourth loans is USD 3,500 and USD 4,000. Under the next loans, the client may receive up to USD 4,500 (fifth, sixth and seventh loans) and USD 5,000 (eighth loan). The lender does not require income proof documents. The loan can be obtained using the mobile application. As part of the recommendation program, Vibe Lend pays USD 30 for acquiring a new borrower.

Credit Lend – the amount of the first (free) loan from USD 150 to USD 2,000. Under the next loans, the client may receive up to USD 4,000. The lender does not require income proof documents. Regular customers can count on a reduction in the cost of the loan (from 5.00% to 50.00%).

Money Lend – the amount of the first (free) loan from USD 100 to USD 1,000 (repayment period of 61 days). For regular customers there is a larger loan limit (up to 5000 USD) and a longer repayment period (up to 6 months). The company declares that it will process the loan application in 1 minute.

Super Lend – the amount of the first (free) loan from USD 100 to USD 1,000. Under the next loans, the client may receive up to USD 4,000. For amounts from USD 1,000, it is possible to pay back in monthly installments (from eight to thirty). The lender does not require income proof documents. As part of the recommendation program, the Super Lend company pays a rebate for acquiring a new borrower (commission reduction by USD 20).

People without a steady income must be very careful when making a debt

People without a steady income must be very careful when making a debt

The results of our analysis show that a person aged 18 – 20 can get a quick loan even without showing proof of income. Such easy access to cash can be deceptive for young customers. Even if the lender does not ask for income, the customer should ask the question. Lack of stable income will mean difficulties in paying off and a threat to bailiff execution.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that exceeding the age of 18 not only results in the full capacity to incur obligations. Eighteen-year-olds also become totally responsible for paying off their debts. Possible help for parents in repaying the borrowed amount is only an act of good will towards an adult and not a statutory obligation.

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Credit Comparison Guide Sat, 29 Feb 2020 08:46:10 +0000

If you need a loan, the first way often leads to the house bank, there are cheaper alternatives. In the age of the Internet, it is possible to compare loans online in a very short time. A loan comparison on the Internet should be the first step if you want to apply for a loan, because only those who compare loans can save money. Loans from a branch bank and thus a house bank are usually more expensive than loans from online or direct banks. 

You can also compare loans online with one another using a comparison calculator on the Internet; meanwhile, you can find numerous comparison calculators that consumers can use free of charge. It is often sufficient to enter the desired loan amount to see the corresponding loan offers, but there is also the possibility to provide further information, such as the term or monthly loan installment. Based on the information, suitable loan offers are searched for. In the meantime, banks have to advertise with a representative interest rate, i.e. an interest rate that applies to 2/3 of the borrowers, because advertising was often carried out with the lowest interest rate, which was only suitable for a handful of customers with an impeccable credit rating.

Find the cheapest loan online with a loan comparison!

Find the cheapest loan online with a loan comparison!

When comparing loans, you will quickly find that loans from direct and online banks are cheaper than classic loans from a branch bank. Comparing loans is therefore worthwhile for anyone interested in credit, since a loan comparison can save real money. The reason why online loans are cheaper is that direct and online banks have lower administration costs and costs for rents and staff are lower than for branch banks, these savings can be passed on to credit customers in the form of favorable conditions.

A detailed credit comparison is always recommended!

A detailed credit comparison is always recommended!

So if you are planning to take out a loan, you should definitely take the time to carry out a detailed loan comparison, because comparing loans is uncomplicated and quick in today’s world, because the Internet can provide information quickly, making it extremely easy to compare loans . In addition, you can find out about the chosen provider and apply for a cheap loan with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Up to 300,000 dollars with Government Agency 100 percent mortgage loan first home Tue, 18 Feb 2020 09:14:17 +0000

100% Government Agency mortgage for home purchase

100% Government Agency mortgage for home purchase

100% mortgages are rather rare products in the financing market, since they provide for the granting of a loan that covers the total cost of buying the house. Public employees and pensioners, however, have the possibility of obtaining 100% mortgages on favorable terms. We are talking about the 100 percent Government Agency mortgage.

Despite the elimination of the Government Agency, in fact, those who refer to the public sector can still benefit from the subsidized credit lines granted by the institution. Among these, the Government Agency mortgage loan stands out, a loan granted by the social security institution for the purchase or construction of the first house, or for other purposes relating to the first house.

Following the abolition of Government Agency, subsidized mortgages for public employees and pensioners passed on to Social Institute. In order to administer and grant these loans, the Institute has created a special office, Public Employee Management.

Government Agency 2018 loan amounts and conditions

Government Agency 2018 loan amounts and conditions

The amount of the Government Agency 100 percent loan that can be financed varies according to the reason why the application is made. Loans for the purchase, the construction of the first house allow to obtain up to 300 thousand USD.

Among the purposes envisaged for the 100 percent Government Agency loan we also find the extension or completion on land owned, always of a home that is destined to become the residence of the borrower and his family.

For the purposes of access to credit it is necessary that the property being financed cannot be considered a luxury home pursuant to ministerial decree no. 1072 of 2 August 1969. As already mentioned, the house must constitute the residence of the borrower. In the absence of these requirements, funding is not granted.

Government Agency mortgages can also be requested for home renovation or maintenance. In this case the maximum amount that can be financed is 150 thousand USD. Among the purposes contemplated by the Government Agency Mortgage Regulations we also mention the purchase or construction of a parking space or garage.

Analyzing the 100% Government Agency mortgage offer, it is necessary to remember that the disbursable sum can never exceed the value attributed to the property during the appraisal or the purchase price that was declared in the deed of sale.

The repayment takes place in 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. The rate can be fixed or variable and the installments are every six months. Those who opt for a variable interest mortgage have a Tan equal to the value of the 6-month installment, increased by 200 basis points.

For fixed rate mortgages, on the other hand, the Tan is defined on the basis of the loan to value, that is, on the basis of the ratio between the value of the mortgage and that of the property.

Government Agency mortgage subrogate

Government Agency mortgage subrogate

Recall that those who have a mortgage loan in progress for the purchase of the first home can substitute it at Government Agency. Opportunity which, however, provides for the fulfillment of some requirements. First of all, the fact of being public employees or pensioners registered in the Unitary Management of credit and social benefits (Social Institute credit fund).

In order for the subrogation to be granted, it is also necessary that the current loan has been subscribed for one of the purposes envisaged by Social Institute for the granting of ex Government Agency loans. Lastly, we remind you that by subrogating the current mortgage, the public employee or pensioner will be able to benefit from the preferential conditions applied to Government Agency mortgages.

For more information on the advantages of the 100 percent Government Agency mortgage, please consult the official Social Institute portal.

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Unpaid Credit Debt – What is the main deal in this regard? Tue, 11 Feb 2020 09:27:36 +0000 Meaning, how was it when China was still then determined by exports to a weak global economy that China had previously set up to lead the world to recovery? How do Eastern task enterprise really be buying with sliding electricity usage instead of growing?

The goal is always to get out of debt

credit debt

The best, faster. In the event that the fresh loan is currently underway to get more time to pay off all your previous loans, it would be limited to prolonging the problem then’ve. Since some debt consolidation loans have really long payment terms, like 72 weeks, or maybe longer, this is interesting.

Yes, nice Uncle Ram is allowing taxpayers’ money, but, I have news, common Paul or Mary cannot qualify. I have yet to know about a typical bad credit bailout person, although it is true that the government gives away millions in grant money. Maybe you have?


Home loans

Home loans

A mortgage could be a debt that is large. Not only do they allow you to have your own home, but it also allows you to assemble home equity. People who are financially informed gain value and interest. People who are not economically savvy create money and pay attention. For example, receiving the goods implies that you will spend around 17 percent interest on the things that will be taken within a week. An individual could not do it.

There is value to add to your home a great way to put in a sunny room for the rear of your property. Whenever you include your home and movies together, its value is raising. Additionally, a sun-room looks great, providing your home with more appeal to a consumer.


Getting cheap loans also depend on collateral or equity

Getting cheap loans also depend on collateral or equity

Secured loan will always be a cheaper option than an unsecured loan. The sum of mortgages he really wants to access will be sanctioned by equity. You can quickly benefit from higher volume at a cheaper interest rate if you have capital that is beautiful.

Would you like to produce your own set of the biggest ones this year every year with over 2,300 weddings occurring. Is it not true? In determining for your type of plans for that wedding as well as for that money and the main purpose game. We all think you will find adequate funds to meet with the wedding of your choice. Once you start throwing certain requirements for your plans and relaxation, it is observed that funds are currently underway for a rebound that is downward. For this signature loans convert to becoming support which is great.

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